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Period Delay

Why Would I Need Period Delay Tablets?

If you want to delay your period, perhaps for a special occasion or if you are going on holiday, you can use period delay tablets. They generally contain a synthetic active ingredient called norethisterone. This acts in a similar way to the natural progesterone produced by your body.

Period delay tablets act to change your natural cycle. If you take the synthetic equivalent of progesterone your hormones stay stable and the lining of your uterus is not shed, so menstruation doesn't happen.

How Can I Delay My Period

If you want to delay your period, you can take these tablets to delay bleeding until a later, more convenient date. Norethisterone can be taken as a period delay pill for 14 days.

Most period delay tablets work to stop your period by using norethisterone. You take the tablets every day until you want to stop the delay, so once your holiday is over, for example. You should not take the tablets for more than 20 days.

Once you stop taking the period delay tablets, your period will start within around three days.

Instructions For Period Delay Using Norethisterone:

  • If you want to delay your period, you need to take the tablets around three days before you are due.
  • Take a tablet, three times daily, for a maximum of 20 days.
  • Make sure you take the tablets throughout the day - perhaps timing them with meal times.

What Choices Do I Have For Delaying My Period?

If you cannot take norethisterone your GP will discuss alternatives with you. It may be possible to prescribe medroxyprogesterone (MPA) instead.

If you are thinking about using contraceptive pills, most of the combined contraceptive pills can have the same effect of delaying your period. If you are going to do this, you need to have taken the contraceptive pill for at least a month.

Can I Delay My Period Without Medication?

No. You need to take a hormone to delay your period. You should only take these tablets for as long as you need to delay. It should not be used long-term unless your GP says otherwise.

Is It Safe To Buy Period Delay Treatment Online?

Yes, but only if you order through a UK-registered and MHRA-approved pharmacy, such as Prime Doktor. You need to complete the questionnaire fully so our doctors can assess if the treatment is right for you.

Always carry out the following checks before ordering medicine online:

If you are worried that this treatment might not be suitable, always speak to your GP before ordering online.

What Will I Need To Tell The Doctor?

You need to tell the doctor about any other health conditions you have, any allergies and any other medication you are taking.

When you request your prescription you need to include as much information as you can. Most of the questionnaires on the Prime Doktor website let you complete the doctor questions and add in all the extra information you want to as well.

Extra Information On Period Delay:

NHS Choices: How can I delay my period?

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