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Low Testosterone

What Is Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is a condition which gets more common with age, and is also called hypogonadism. Testosterone in men is created within the testicles. Production of it is stimulated by a hormone which is created within the pituitary gland.

The hormone testosterone is what creates particular characteristics in men. It increases as they reach puberty to start sperm production. It is the hormone which causes body hair to increase and the male voice to deepen. As men reach around 50, their testosterone levels start to decrease.

Men with low testosterone experience a variety of symptoms, including lack of sex drive, low libido, problems getting or maintaining erection, fatigue and depression. Low testosterone can also be caused by various diseases which affect the pituitary gland, testicles, or hypothalamus. Drinking a lot of alcohol, or suffering from malnutrition can also impact your testosterone levels.

How Would A Doctor Diagnose Low Testosterone?

Blood tests are required to diagnose low testosterone. The blood would be taken in the morning for these type of tests. Your GP would also carry out some other examinations to check your muscle mass, hair growth, body tone and your genital area.

The doctor will need to confirm several different symptoms and characteristics before he/she is able to confirm hypogonadism. They will need to confirm it before being able to prescribe appropriate treatment, such as Testogel Testosterone Gel. You must receive a proper diagnosis of testosterone deficiency before you ask for any medication to treat low testosterone.

What Treatments Are Available For Low Testosterone?

There are a variety of treatment methods around, including: testosterone gel, testosterone injections and testosterone tablets. Talk to your GP to discover which would be the best treatment for you.

Treating Low Testosterone With Testogel

Testogel is treatment in the form of a gel which actually contains testosterone. The gel is applied on your shoulders, arm or stomach, directly onto your skin, and it will begin to increase your testosterone levels in the body, within an hour.

Testogel is prescripton-only but can be ordered online if you have been diagnosed officially with low testosterone by your GP.

Can I Treat My Low Testosterone Without Medication?

No, this is a condition which cannot be treated any other way. In order to treat low testosterone, you need to replace the hormones which are missing from your body. Your GP will suggest which treatment would be most suitable for you, dependent on your lifestyle, medical background and symptoms.

Can I Order Low Testosterone Treatment Safely Online?

Yes, it should be safe to order testosterone gel online, but it's important that you carry out some research first, about the website, and check that it is a legitimate site before ordering any medicines.

It is really important that you only use testosterone treatment after being diagnosed with low testosterone. If you were to use Testogel without a diagnosis, it could cause side effects.

Here are some things to look out for when ordering medicines from a website:

What Do I Need To Tell The Doctor?

It is vital that you inform the doctor of any other health conditions, medications you are taking or any allergies you have.

It is really important to provide as much detail as you can when you request your prescription. Most of the medical questionnaires on the Prime Doktor website give you the chance to answer questions and add in extra information of your own.

Extra Information About Low Testosterone:

NHS Choices: The ‘male menopause’

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