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Insomnia - What Is It?

Most adults experience some problems sleeping. Generally, it's not a cause for concern and occasional sleepless nights won't harm your health. But if it becomes a regular issue, and it has an impact on your everyday life and health, then you might need to seek help.

Poor or lack of sleep is known as insomnia. It makes you tired, but also causes swings in mood, concentration issues and can make it very difficult to perform how you normally would. It is more common in women and can get worse with age.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Insomnia?

Firstly, there are no tests designed to provide a diagnosis of insomnia. It is simply defined as poor sleep which causes problems with concentration during the day time. Symptoms can include problems falling asleep, lying awake for hours, or waking up periodically throughout the night.

If you visit your doctor for a diagnosis, they will ask you questions regarding your sleeping problems, including:

  • Do you feel overly worried or stressed currently?
  • What kind of sleep schedule do you have?
  • How is your sleeping environment currently?
  • Are you on any medications? What health conditions do you have?

It may be that your GP will suggest you keep a sleep diary where you write down how you sleep, when you have problems and the kind of sleep quality you are experiencing.

What Treatments Are Available For Insomnia?

In general, insomnia is normally treated using therapies initially. If you have other causes such as depression or maybe anxiety, then these need to be treated first.

Do Sleeping Pills Help Insomnia?

Yes. There are various kinds of sleeping pills available and some are only indicated for insomnia treatment. Others are indicated for treating various conditions.

Your GP will look at numerous factors before deciding which sleeping pills are suitable, including health conditions you have, medication you are taking and your age.

A lot of sleeping pills do have a drowsy side effect, leaving you feeling tired the next day. It is really important not to drive or operate machinery if you are drowsy.

Sleeping pills for the treatment of insomnia include the following:

Are There Non-Medication Treatments For Insomnia

Yes, and it's generally advised to try non-medication treatments before resorting to sleeping pills. Therapies like Cognitive Behavioural therapy might help.

Can I Improve My Own Sleep Patterns?

Yes, it really depends on what is causing your sleep problems. Always talk to your doctor about any other health conditions or medications you are taking before you commence any kind of treatment.

There are a few lifestyle changes you can make which could improve sleep quality.

  • Review where you sleep: Make sure your room is not too warm because this can prevent you sleeping. It should be around 16-18 degrees C..
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise is great for increasing overall wellbeing, including lowering stress, depression and anxiety symptoms, all of which can inhibit sleep.
  • Drink less alcohol: Alcohol can lower the amount of quality sleep you get, leaving you waking up feeling tired, so try to avoid drinking alcohol before bed.

Is It Safe To Buy Insomnia Treatments Online?

Yes. It can be safe to buy, it depends on the website you are using. Always do some research before ordering medicines online, to make sure it is a legitimate website.

Always check with your GP before buying insomnia treatments online, so that they can work out what the best treatment is for you.

To check a website is legal, make sure you do the following:

  • Make sure the site is authorised by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The site should have the MHRA logo on display.
  • Make sure the the dispensing pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and also has the Registered Pharmacy logo on display.
  • Look for patient reviews and social media comments about the site before placing an order.

What Do I Need To Tell The Doctor?

The doctor must be informed of any health condition you have, any medications you are taking already and any allergies you have.

It is vital that you give as much information as you can when you place your order. The medical questionnaires on the Prime Doktor website let you answer the questions and also add in anything extra you'd like to tell the doctor.

Extra Information On Insomnia:

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