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Online Doctor Service

How it works - A simple step by step process.

1 Place Your Order
Prime Doktor is an online doctor service offering a range of treatments and prescription medicines. If you place an online order your request will be sent through to our doctors for a private prescription. You can place orders any time and from any device.
2 Check Your Suitability
Our doctors are always ready to assess your order. They assess and check every single order to make sure that any prescribed treatment is safe and appropriate for your needs. In making this assessment the doctors will take into account any health conditions you may have and any other medication you might be taking. It is important so that the risk of drug side effects can be minimised and to make sure the drugs you take will work together.
3 Order Is Approved
If your chosen medicine is assessed as being suitable, your order will receive approval and a private prescription will be sent to our UK dispensing pharmacy. We will keep in touch with you throughout the process, by email.
4 Medicine Is Dispensed
Once the pharmacy has the private prescription, they will also perform checks, before packing your order ready to be sent out to your address.
5 Shipment Of Your Order
Your order will be sent via Royal Mail or DPD services and every order is given a tracking number. Your number will be sent on email so you can see where your order is. All medicines are sent in plain packaging.
1. Medical Background
If you want to place an order you will need to create an account with us. We will then need to create your patient history with you so that our doctors are able to make a safe decision about the medicines you have ordered. As part of this process, you will need to fill in a detailed medical questionnaire, which has been developed by our own doctors, to make sure the treatment you have selected is suitable.
2. Doctor Review
Once the doctors have looked at your consultation they might need to get in touch for more details by phone or email. If the doctors approve your request for a prescription, it will be sent across to our UK-based pharmacy to be dispensed.
3. Dispense And Post Medicines
Once they receive your private prescription, the UK Pharmacy - Innox Trading ltd.- will then check the medications, dispense them and they will be posted to your chosen address in discreet packaging. You will be able to track your parcel.

How to order from Prime Doktor

  1. Choose your required treatment.
  2. Read all information FULLY on your condition, including all information given for the medication you have chosen. The Patient Information Leaflet for every medicine is available on the relevant product page. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
  3. Provide the doctor with all your up-to-date medical background via the completed questionnaire on the product page.
  4. You can phone to talk with our medically trained customer service team if you have questions, at any time.
  5. Your transaction is completed by paying for your medicines and you will then be sent updates from the pharmacy.

Medical Follow Up

Giving us up-to-date medical information every time you order, is really important. You need to let us know if your condition changes and we advise that you continue to have regular check-ups with your GP to monitor your condition and any treatment use.

If you need help finding a local GP, please follow the link below and enter your postcode.
Find your local GP

Speaking to a Doctor

You can contact support@primedoktor.com at any time to ask a doctor or a pharmacist a question about your treatment or condition.
But Prime Doktor should not be used to replace your own GP who you should keep informed about your treatment at all times.

Confidentiality and Security

By using this website you agree to your data being shared between Med Connections, the prescribing doctor and the dispensing pharmacy.

Prime Doktor will never share your personal details or health history except with the dispensing pharmacy and prescribing doctors.
Please see our policy, for details CLICK HERE.


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