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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction - What Is It?

Many men, at some stage in life, find themselves experiencing problems maintaining an erection. There are many potential causes for this issue including anxiety, nervousness or stress. Occasionally, erectile problems can be created by conditions like diabetes, or atherosclerosis. However, there are a variety of treatments, medicines and aids which can help men to overcome the problem.

Erection problems are commonly known as impotence, but the medical term is erectile dysfunction, or ED. It is very common for the majority of men to experience erectile issues occassionally. Usually, there is nothing to be concerned about, or even to ask for help over. But if you start to notice it happening frequently then you should see your doctor.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Get Diagnosed?

If you suspect you might have ED, then you need to go and see your GP for a proper diagnosis. They will carry out a consultation with you to look into what kind of problems you are having, and will need to discuss the following with you:

  • Level of confidence when in a sexual relationship.
  • Libido and any issues affecting you such as poor sleep, or stress.
  • The type of situations in which you are unable to get or maintain an erection
  • Whether you are able to ejaculate. Being unable to do so during sex is quite common.
  • What your expectations are from your sex life.

Once the consultation has taken place, the GP might need to examine you. This could involve an examination of your penis and testicles, along with taking blood tests and checking things like blood pressure.

What Treatments Are There For Erectile Dysfunction?

A lot of treatments for ED are aimed at improving the actual erection, without curing the cause of the problem. If you are considering buying treatments for ED online you must consult your GP as they can help you to get the most favourable results.

Treatment choices include therapy, medicines and aids such as erection rings.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Some of the most common ED medication includes: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Spedra. All of these medications are part of a group which cause the penis blood vessels to enlarge. The main difference between them really is how long they work for and the time it takes for them to start working. The side effects also vary.

All of these medications still require sexual stimulation to work as they don't actually cause an erection. They help to strengthen and maintain the erection once arousal has occurred.

Are There Non-Medical Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. A lot of cases can be treated in this way but it really depends on what is causing the problems in the first place. If you want to try this before seeking medical help, then here are a few things which can impact on your ability to maintain an erection, and what you can do to reduce the issue without resorting to medication.

Stop smoking

Smoking will decrease the amount of blood flowing to the penis which makes it more difficult to sustain an erection. Smoking less, or stopping, will improve the flow of blood.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol creates a numbing sensation on your nervous system which then hinders the brain signal which triggers an erection. Drinking less alcohol can help reduce ED problems.

Increase your exercise levels

Regular exercise is really good for boosting your blood circulation, which again can help to improve your erection. It is good to get in shape as sex can be physically strenuous as well.

Change your sex routine

If you need to lower anxiety around sex, then try choosing when and where you do it, carefully. Try having sex in the morning instead of the evening, and spend more time on foreplay.

Is It Safe To Order Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Online?

Yes, it can be safe to order online but it does depend on the website you are choosing. You should always check the website is not fraudulent, before ordering medications online.

There are a few things you can check to see if a website is legal:

What Do I Need To Tell The Doctor?

You will need to give them as much information as you can when you place the order, to help our doctors when they assess you for the prescription process. Most of the medical questionnaires on the Prime Doktor website have been designed to answer the doctor's questions while also letting you supply extra information.

It is vital that you tell our doctors about other medication you are taking, other health conditions you have, and all allergies.

Extra Information About ED:

NHS Choices: Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)

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